Our schedule for the week of Jan. 14-16:

We will be closed Friday, Jan. 14. 

Due to severe storm predictions for Sunday, Jan 16, we will be closed.

HAPPY 2022!
We want to thank all of our guests  who have been tremendously supportive of Junius Lindsay and all that we try to do. We cannot thank you enough for that support as months brought challenges that most of us never even imagined. For now, we hope for closer bonds with friends and family, better weather and--above all--an end to this pandemic. 



First, and most important, you want lively wines.  A lot of words connote liveliness, like fresh, lithe and energetic. These words technically refer to one key quality in a wine, acidity.Wines with just the right amount of acidity enable a thrilling high-wire act. With the right acidity, wine maintains a tension that invigorates and refreshes.

Here’s what you don’t want:

• Overly tannic wines. Tannins are not necessarily bad, but over the long haul of a holiday feast the astringency that comes with them can be fatiguing. Which wines will reliably be tannic? Young reds that are intended for aging, for the most part. 

• Oaky wines. Overt oak flavors can clash with many foods, and oak tannins can be more obtrusive than grape tannins. Oakiness can appear in many different sorts of wines. 

• High-alcohol wines. It’s a long day — the higher the alcohol, the quicker the trip to the couch. You can easily find high-alcohol wines, say, those above 14 percent, that taste good. But this isn’t the day for them. How can you tell? Alcohol content is right on the label.

• Transgressive wines. Thanksgiving is a time for making people happy, not for persuading them to drink avant-garde styles that you love but that may bewilder mainstream drinkers. You don’t have to sacrifice principles or suppress your own tastes, just look for styles that can be easily understood by most people


Wine of the Month



A perfect wine for the season: enjoy it mulled, hot and spiced on a cold winter night. Heat the sangria with cinnamon, cloves, orange peel or ginger. Add a roaring fire and good friends  and toast to the holidays and a new year!
Discounts for Sangria:
5% off for purchases of 3 to 8 bottles; 10% off nine or more bottles. (Discounts valid during January.)


PBS NC Weekend: Lexington NC

This series, aired on PBS stations in the state, featured Junius Lindsay Vineyard on the season premier, Thursday, Oct. 7. You can watch the program online at https://www.pbsnc.org/watch/unctv-originals/nc-weekend/


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Update: COVID-19

We will be open under the following guidelines:

In accordance with CDC guidelines and NC State Government policy, masks are no longer required in the tasting room for those guests who have been fully vaccinated. For those not fully vaccinated, we require that masks be worn when not seated at a table.
Thank you for acting responsibly.

•Please Note: All guests must be 21 years of age or older. We request that guests not bring minors to the vineyard.
•We will be offering bottle sales, on-premise consumption, and limited tastings at tables.
•Our capacity is limited by Covid 19 Protocols. When weather permits, we strongly recommend that guests sit at outside tables.
•All staff will wear face masks.
•No groups larger than 6 guests are permitted
•Tasting Room Hours: We will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays as usual, 1 to 5 p.m. 


The NC Wine Guys Podcast on Junius Lindsay Vineyard:

In the Footsteps of the Rhône. 

Go to your favorite podcast site and search for Cork Talk. Matt and Joe spent a considerable amount of time talking to Michael Zimmerman about the vineyard, the wines and the dedication to excellence.

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Our Grapes

We take great pride in the grapes that we grow here. All of the wines sold at Junius Lindsay Vineyard (JLV) come from our own grapes, grown right here in the vineyard. We believe that great wines start in the vineyard and are produced from “estate-grown” grapes.

Tasting Room Hours
Friday through Sunday: 1:00 - 5:00 pm
By Appointment Only for Pick-up

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